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Putting parts under the microscope – for well-founded decisions


Application engineers in the feedlab at flexfactory subject critical parts to intensive testing to collect valuable data for making the right decisions and to enable new findings to be fed into innovative solutions.

As a customer, you want to raise quality standards in production while lowering costs. You expect short cycle times, high accuracy and complete reliability. flexfactory offers you all of that.

Typical feedlab testing program

  • Evaluation of ideal anyfeed model and feed plate
  • Cycle time estimation
  • Best recognition method for parts
  • Part-grasping technique
  • Pick & place testing with feedbot

Basis for decisions

  • Test report
  • Recommended equipment configuration
  • Commercial quotation
  • Next steps

Feasibility Assessment

For feasibility assessment, please use the form below and send us at least the following information about your parts: 

  • Drawings or photos
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Required parts per minute
  • Desired pick-up orientation
  • Vision test needed?

We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss with you your detailed application requirements.

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Part Tests


Application examples

Combating the CORONA crisis - flexfactory helps!

No other topic occupies the world more than the common fight against the corona virus. As small as the virus is, it keeps the world on tenterhooks.
Every one of us is affected, but we are convinced that together we can solve this problem.

In recent weeks we have already received several enquiries from customers with whom we are currently developing solutions in the field of automated production of protective equipment or in the assembly and packaging of CORONA test systems. Every day counts and can save human lives.

We at flexfactory have decided that we will handle all inquiries from this area with absolute top priority and that we will significantly subsidize every single system that will go into this area. So if you have any questions or specific tasks from this area, please contact us!

All current contact details and your personal contact person can be found here ...