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Where flexfactory feeders

perfect production.

Wherever small and smallest bulk materials have to be fed, feeders from flexfactory are the solution. Our feeders are used in many industries and companies. We show some of the use cases here - if you miss your industry and are looking for a flexible feeder, please feel free to contact us.


Electrical technology

Manufacturing electronic assemblies and devices is often very small-scale. Feeders from flexfactory manage the feeding.


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Medical technology

Extremely fast-moving, very diverse: this is what characterizes manufacturing in the field of dental technology and medical technology.

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Personal care and cosmetic industry

A fast-paced market with a wide variety of manufacturing requirements, from packaging solutions to the products themselves.

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Automotive industry

A passenger car consists of around 10,000 individual parts, from large body parts to tiny levers, switches and more - our specialty.


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Jewelry and watch industry

flexfactory feeder - also for minimum dimensions and maximum sensitivity as in the industrial production of jewelry and watches.

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Consumer Goods and Packaging industry

No matter what consumer goods or packaging are involved, feeders often handle the feeding of the smallest and smallest parts for production.

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