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Electrical technology

Whether miniature plug contacts and switches, larger pole shoes for batteries or relay circuits for railroad technology: With flexfactory feeders, you can flexibly feed electronic small and miniature parts to your production.


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Medical technology

In medical technology, the diversity of products increases inversely proportional to their life cycle.


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Personal care and cosmetic industry

Packaging parts for deodorants, shampoos or lipstick, small mascara brushes or toothbrush heads: the variety of parts for personal care products and cosmetics is extremely high and the market very fast. Feeders from flexfactory are precisely designed for this and accompany manufacturing processes as reusable equipment for years or even decades.

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Automotive industry

flexfactory feeders reliably feed small and miniature components for the automotive industry, such as turn signals, window regulators, switches, levers, junction boxes, ventilation louvers and many more.


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Jewelry and watch industry

flexfactory feeders allow jewelry and construction parts from 0.5 to 100 mm to flow smoothly into production and further processing.

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Consumer Goods and Packaging industry

Packaging is increasingly turning into a marketing tool and is subject to constant change. The feeders from flexfactory adapt to these dynamics and flexibly handle frequent part changes.



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