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  • Feed rates of up to 60 parts per minute
  • Up to four different parts can be fed simultaneously
  • Integrated gripper change mechanism
  • Additional cameras for refining the part position on the fly
  • Standard design as table-top model – available with optional base frame
  • Automatic emptying of feeder systems during product changeover
  • Graphical user interface with access rights and functions for statistics and cycle time optimization
  • Short delivery times, calculable costs

feedbot – the fastest way to ramp-up your production

flexfactory has combined a robot, feeder, vision system, gripper technology and operating software to develop the highly flexible and user-friendly feedbot automation system. Thanks to this all-in-one solution, users can set up new parts without having to carry out programming work.

The standardized feedware hardware and software platform enables users to continuously integrate their experience and new functions for future applications. Usually, programming is only required when customer-specific requirements can’t be met using the standard functions of the feedbot.

feedbot is available as a standalone solution or can be integrated into production lines and comes in a range of sizes and designs. What’s more, it supports all the feeders in the anyfeed range. flexfactory supplies turnkey feedbot solutions that are adapted to the specific tasks involved, including on-site startup.


  • Placement of parts on workpiece carriers, conveyors and fixtures
  • Loading and unloading component testers
  • Palletizing, packaging, counting parts
  • Loading process machinery
  • Simple assembly tasks

Scope of supply

  • Machine enclosure with integrated control system and operating station
  • High-speed 4-axis gantry robot with integrated gripper changer
  • Cognex In-Sight or PC-based vision system
  • Multiple anyfeed units (number as appropriate to size)
  • Optics and lighting technology
  • Application-specific multipurpose grippers
  • Additional inspection cameras
  • Servo turn station for parts manipulation


  • Bulk parts ranging from 1 to 120 mm
  • Suitable for applications in dry and clean surroundings
  • Not suitable for applications involving unpackaged foods
  • Not suitable for use in environments with explosion hazards

Options & Accessoires

  • Up to four feeders with the corresponding vision system
  • Quick-change unit with vacuum or parallel gripper
  • Turning station and inspection camera
  • Hi-res zoom and inspection camera

Technical Data

Supply Power 230VAC/ 10 A
Compressed air ≤ 6 bar unoiled / filtered
Controls Industrial PC/SSD/ and OEM-Robot-Controller
Communication Digital I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP
Optional: Profibus
Robot Work envelope: (x,y,z,Rz) 705 x 600 x 125 mm, 360°
Repeatability: ± 0.05 mm
300mm- cycle: 0.5 s
Motor: Brushless Servomotors with Abs-Encoder
Payload: up to 1 Kg
Quick change gripper flange
Camera resolution Standard 1024x1280 pixel, 8 bir gray level
Higher resolution optional
Number of feeders Up to 4 anyfeed Units
Outer dimension 1450 x 1050 x 1305 mm (LxWxH)
Construction Table solution, Base optional
Weight without feeder 250 Kg
Ambient temperature 10-40 °C
Humidity 95 % non condensing