flexfactory - anyfeed SX240


The anyfeed SX240 is a flexible bulk parts feeder with an integrated bulk storage bin that can hold components of arbitrary shapes and materials. When combined with flexfactory’s vision solution or and your robot of choice, the anyfeed SX240 becomes a highly versatile robot feeding system that offers solutions for a wide range of application requirements. Controlled by the vision system, the anyfeed SX240 uses its servo-electric drives to move the components into positions that can be easily picked by the robot.

The anyfeed SX line of feeders is based on a feeding method patented by flexfactory that does not require high maintenance conveyor belts or expensive recirculating systems. The ‘first-in-first-out’ principle of the anyfeed SX240 is an efficient and reliable handling method that ensures parts spend as little time as possible in the feeding system, waiting to be picked.

  • Wide variety of parts handles parts of arbitrary shapes, sizes and materials
  • Maximum availability – parts don’t get jammed, no operator intervention
  • Gentle parts handling – minimal stress for parts as no recirculation occurs
  • Automatic emptying – minimal changeover times during product changeovers
  • Simple installation – compact unit with all controls integrated
  • Optimized feeding action – quick-change feeder plates for perfect part feeding and identification
  • Simple layouting – the feeder’s narrow rectangular footprint is ideal for compact cell layouts
  • Simplified service – all the anyfeed models in the SXM/SX range use the same servomotors
  • Standardized communication – all the anyfeed models in the SXM/SX range understand the same commands
  • Reproducible performance – regardless of which system you choose, anyfeed-based solutions deliver reproducible performance

Application areas

Perfect for the flexible feeding of parts in assembly, inspection, packaging, counting and machine-loading processes.

Feeders in the anyfeed SX/SXM series are not suitable for: foods, environments with explosion hazards or wet, very dirty or very oily parts.


  • Robust, conveyor-belt-free design with a very small footprint
  • Gentle part handling thanks to first-in-first-out principle and no recirculation
  • Quick-change feed surfaces in various colors, materials and surface finishes
  • Materials that come into contact with parts: POM, WN1.4301, anodized aluminum
  • Maintenance free, brushless servo drives
  • Fully integrated controls
  • Rapid parts supply thanks to configurable feeder actions and structured feeder surfaces
  • Multiple feeders can be used with one robot
  • Power supply: 24V DC supply voltage, no compressed air
  • Communications interface: RS232, or Ethernet TCP/IP in combination with Cognex In-Sight

Special features

  • Version available for applications with an external bulk
  • ESD applications: Grounding kit and POM-C ESD feed surfaces available
  • Version for medical applications: Feed platform framing and bulk in WN1.4404, FDA certified feed surfaces, stainless steel screws on the outside
  • In comination with structured feed surfaces, a FOV support plate is required 

Product variants

  • anyfeed SX240 with standard-bulk
  • anyfeed SX240 for applications with external bulk, with light barrier*
  • anyfeed SX240 for applications with external bulk, without light barrier*
  • anyfeed SX240 for applications with external bulk, plus reject gate, Medtech-version*

* Must be ordered in this way, cannot be retrofitted.

Scope of supply

  • Feeder SX240 depending on the product variant
  • Power (5m) and RS232 (4.5m)

no mounting screws are included

Options & Accessories

  • Vision systems – Universal vision solution for your feeder and the robot of your choice
  • Feed surfaces in different colors, materials and surface finishes
  • FOV supportplate (order option)
  • ESD grounding kit (ESD-Feed surfaces)
  • LED Backlight SX160 G2 IR/875nm
  • LED Backlight SX240 G2 red/630nm
  • LED Backlight SX240 white

Technical Data

Suitable for Parts

Part requirement dry, clean and between 5-45°C
Recommended part size 75 mm
Minimal part size 0.5 mm
Maximum part weight 60 g
Part shape random
Part material metal, plastic, glass (stable)


Bulk storage capacity 10l/10kg
Pick Window (width by length) 240x320 mm
Pick Window (area) 768 cm2 (24x32cm)
Permissible load inside pick window 1500g
Pick up level 241mm
Rim-height 38 mm
Clearance in purge-channel 63.5 mm
Supply Power 24 VDC/10 A
Typical electrical consumption 100 W (depens on the operation)
Compressed air ≤ 6 bar unoiled, filtered
Eccentricity feeder platform ± 12 mm (Maximal stop at the front – from basic position)
Eccentricity bulk bin ± 5 mm
COM Interface RS232 (DSUB9 Connector)
Drive units 2 Brushless servomotor
Ambient temperature 5-45 °C
Humidity 95 % non condensing
Feeder weight 50 kg