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flexfeeder X350

The X350 is one of three newly developed feeders of the flexfeeder product family mark the current state of flexible feeding technology. With fully integrated camera and toplight tower, the flexfeeder systems drastically reduce commissioning times compared to all previous systems due to their ready-to-use wired system. The integrated touch screen simplifies parameterization and operation and provides valuable data on system performance during ongoing production.
The fully integrated camera and control system with included touch screen, based on the latest feedware XOS software, also makes every flexfeeder the ideal partner for collaborative robots.
Our customers master the technology we deliver completely independently. Included in the scope of delivery of each system are drivers for almost every common industrial robot. Training for the commissioning of all flexfeeder systems takes only 1.5 days and can be carried out on site if desired.

  • innovative, highly flexible feeding technology for all robots
  • integrated backlight [white/red/infrared]
  • fully integrated and wired camera and toplight tower
  • software feedware XOS with touch screen connection included in delivery
  • part spectrum up to 180 mm
  • minimum changeover times for product changes incl. fully automatic discharge
  • integrated discharge of defective parts
  • simple and tool-free change of feeder surfaces within seconds
  • extremely robust and durable design with servo-electric drives
  • consistent communication for all models





    • Robust, conveyorless design with very small footprint
    • Very gentle parts handling thanks to first-in-first-out principle
    • Quick-change conveyor surfaces in different colors, materials and surfaces
    • Materials with part contact: POM, WN1.4301, anodized aluminum
    • Drives: maintenance-free, brushless servo motors
    • Fully integrated control system
    • Rapid part preparation thanks to configurable feeder actions and structured conveying surfaces
    • Multiple feeders per robot possible
    • Power supply: Supply voltage 24 V [DC], no compressed air required
    • Communication interface: TCP socket connection (Client/Server model)

    Special features

    • Bunker with quick change adapter
    • Integrated return container for emptying and NOK parts Backlight
    • switchable between flash and continuous operation
    • Fully automatic emptying and discharge of NOK parts
    • Integrated touch screen for operation
    • Web HMI for setup and parts management
    • Remote support with web browser

    Standard scope of supply

    • Flexfeeder X350 with integrated camera
    • Options for camera and toplight installation: camera tower, camera module, direct mounting
    • Supply cable 24 V [DC], 5 m or 10 m, PVC
    • Ethernet cable and safety cable
    • Flexfeeder XOS operating software
    • Shaker for the correct storage of the parts
    • Bunker for parts supply
    • LED backlight [white, red or IR]
    • Return container
    • Tool for changing the conveyor plates

    Options & Accessories

    • Toplight
    • Skip protection for shaker [vibration platform]
    • Bunker sensor system with 1 or 3 light barriers for monitoring the bunker filling level
    • Bunker container with lockable lid
    • Large selection of conveying surfaces for the shaker and the hopper
    • Version for medical and clean room technology [X350 MED]
    • Version for the processing of electronic components [X350 ESD]
    • Installation of the camera unit on the cell structure [camera tower omitted]

    Technical Data

    Suitable for parts

    Part requirement dry, clean and between 5 – 45 °C
    Max. recommended part size 180 mm [reference value]
    Minimal part size 0.2 mm [reference value]
    Maximum part weight 80 g [reference value]
    Part shape random
    Part material Metal, glass, plastic, elastomer


    Dimensions 1479 mm x 505 mm x H mm
    Height of camera tower P2 (2MP-camera) 1429 mm
    Height of camera tower P3 (5MP-camera) 1729 mm
    Clear height bunker spout 90 mm
    Backlight illuminated area 350 mm x 495 mm
    Pick Window [area] P2 (2MP-camera) 350 mm x 489 mm
    Pick Window [area] P3 (5MP-camera) 350 mm x 455 mm
    Pick up level 223 mm
    Rim-height 35 mm/70 mm [with skip protection]
    Clearance in purge-channel 80 mm [max. height of parts that allows recirculation]
    Bulk storage capacity 23 l, 18 kg
    Maximum load in the working area 2 kg [reference value]
    Power supply 24 V [DC]/20 A
    Power 100 W [typical]
    Compressed air [is not required]
    Communication port Ethernet RJ45
    Communication protocol TCP socket connection (Client/Server model)
    Drive system Servo motors [brushless]
    Ambient temperature 15 – 35 °C
    Humidity 5 – 90 % [non-condensing]
    Feeder weight 82 kg

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