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Conveyor technology to the power of two.

All products, all possibilities.

With the two product families flexfeeder and anyfeeder, flexfactory offers a variety of solutions for the flexible feeding of bulk material parts. This is because the requirements for conveyor technology vary greatly depending on the industry, product, and production conditions: whether constantly changing parts, difficult space conditions in production, simple connection to cobots, or completely individual challenges. The flexfactory team will be happy to advise you on which feeder system is right for you.




The three newly developed feeders of the flexfeeder product family characterize the current state of flexible feeding technology. Suitable for all robots and cobots.




anyfeed is a product line of programmable feeders and vision solutions for bulk parts from 1 to 120 mm for all robots and applications. 




feedy combines all components of flexible feeding technology in one compact device with integrated image recognition and robotics.



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