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feedWare CX software solution

The benefits of feedWare CX and Cognex In-Sight

  • Simple integration using tried-and-tested components
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Patmax, the leading object identification technology from Cognex, makes it simple to teach the system to recognize new parts
  • Unlimited number of parts manageable
  • All data is backed up via a connected PC
  • No PC is required during run-time – only for setting up
  • Remote support for teach-in and optimization of parts


Contact person

For questions about the feedWare CX or the robot sample code 
our Application team will be happy to help you. 

Seamlessly connects Cognex In-Sight, anyfeed and any robot

It is the ideal and proven solution for turning any anyfeed model and any robot into a complete parts supply system – in next to no time and with the greatest of ease. The Cognex In-Sight camera installed above the window identifies correctly oriented parts and transfers the picking coordinates to the robot’s control system.

feedware CX continuously monitors the parts in the pick window and sends action commands to the anyfeed telling it to make more parts available for the robot. feedware CX is also responsible for teaching the system to handle new parts, parameterizing feed characteristics, calibrating robot-to-vision coordinates, and defining pick-points and clear-grip zones.

flexfactory supplies the full package, including a Cognex In-Sight camera with feedware CX preloaded. The company also provides the appropriate lighting and optics and helps customers get the entire solution up and running.

Robot sample code

We provide free sample programs for the most common robot brands.
This robot code establish communication between the smart-camera and the robot controller and also contain the procedures for coordinate-alignment (calibration) and for pick-and-place.
With that the integration of our system is even easier for you.

Sample programs are available in our download area for:


The connection of all other robots is also well possible and will be discussed during our recommended training (1.5 days).
Detailed Information and current training dates you find on our website.



Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems

Vision systems inspect, identify and guide parts

Cognex In-Sight® vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. A wide range of models, including line scan and color systems, meet most price and performance requirements.

In-Sight 7600 Serie

Industrial-grade vision systems to solve general application needs.

In-Sight 7800 Serie

Robust and reliable vision systems with integrated light and autofocus options.

In-Sight 7905 Serie

High performance vision systems for the most challenging machine vision applications.

Lens & Filter


The fixed focal lenght lenses from FUJINON are best suited for Machine Vision applications. These lenses feature high resolution, low distortion and a compact, lightweight design.

Optical Filters

The optical filters from Midwest Optical are designed to meet perfectly the requirements of Machine Vision applications and are well known for their high quality and lifetime. With these multicoated filters you can increase the contrast and therefore the overall image quality, protect your lens mechanically and last but not least minimize the influence of the ambient light.


Medium FlatDOME+ von TPL Vision

New powerful flat dome, with very thin borders.

Both powerful and very diffuse, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ can deal with many machine vision applications. The Medium Flat MFDOME+ has been designed to detect small pieces in a container, to highlight thermoformed products or also to improve contrasts on workpieces made of several materials. The OVERDRIVE version can offer a lighting power far higher and the TRINITI version (with no current control inside) even more. It works in continuous and strobe mode, with very short rising and falling times: 25 μs and 15 μs.

Equipped with very thin borders, the new Medium Flat MFDOME+ uniformly illuminates from the whole useful surface, included from the edges. No hot spot to notice ! Very thin, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ gets a hole in the middle to insert the camera’s lens. The connector can be placed on any side of the Medium Flat MFDOME+, which can then be set up on any kind of conveyor belts. At the basis of the connector, 2 LED indicators show if the product is powered and if the strobe mode is on.

The Medium Flat MFDOME+ is available in various wavelengths, and also in various dimensions. For specific sizes, that don’t belong to the standard range, you can call TPL Vision for customized products.