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Whether you need a blog, feedback forms, an online shop, integrations with external web services, calendars, and much more ... extensions give you a wide range of flexibility to go beyond core functionality, growing your site hand-in-hand as your business and site grow. They are the ideal building block for creating complex online solutions.

Add functionality to the core system

There are more than 1,500 extensions available in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) on TYPO3.org for you to browse and assess according to your needs. Download and install them directly with the TYPO3 backend Extension Manager. And TYPO3 is open source! You and your developers (or your TYPO3 service provider) can also create new, custom extensions to meet your specialised needs.


Extensive Configuration Options

Every aspect of the TYPO3 backend is configurable and customizable. Backend interfaces can be configured using TSConfig. Rendered HTML content can be configured using TypoScript or Fluid, a standalone template engine. Checkout our documentation linked below.