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Training – feedware X

for flexfeeder-X series

You will learn everything you need to put your anyfeed including the image processing system feedWare CX into operation. We will also explain to you how the communication between the camera system and your choice of robot is realized and you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned with various examples.


Training dates

  • Dates on request


German / English

Course content

Communication with flexfeeder/anyfeed

  • Feeding commands
  • Feeder answers
  • Parameterisation

Connection to vision system

  • Electrical connections
  • Data interface
  • How it works


  • Setup
  • General operation
  • Basic settings
  • Set up part recognition
  • Additional tests
  • Feeder parameters
  • Conveying logic
  • Reference calibration data

Communication/interface to robot

  • Operating modes
  • Sequences
  • Error handling

Camera – robot calibration (coordinate alignment)

  • Operating principle
  • Prerequisites/Framework conditions
  • Multiple calibration (for different part heights)


  • Notes on gripper functionality
  • Pointers on the arrangement of camera, anyfeed and robot
  • Notes on lighting and extraneous light shielding

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