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Feeders for automotive and automotive supplier industry.

flexfactory feeders reliably feed small and miniature components for the automotive industry, such as turn signals, window regulators, switches, levers, junction boxes, ventilation louvers and many more. As a result, they are an integral part of large production lines of well-known automotive brands and their suppliers. On the one hand, they guarantee an extremely high level of process stability: their reliability prevents downtimes and keeps production lines running.
On the other hand, the flexible feeder systems keep up with the extremely changeable, short product life cycles of the automotive industry, which is constantly subject to change.
Thanks to these sustainable qualities, flexfactory’s feeders are reusable operating resources. They permanently remain in the production line, regardless of products and parts: whether for a complete model change or for changes to individual components during ongoing production.

How do your parts perform on the flexfeeder? In the test center, we test it, perform feasibility studies and create the preset for your parts as a retrievable pre-adjustment for immediate start.

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