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Feeder for production of medical articles.

In medical technology, the diversity of products increases inversely proportional to their life cycle. This works for small disposable parts for infusion controllers as well as for prosthetics or dental technology.
The perfect scenario for flexfactory’s feeders, given that their flexible feeding solutions make it easy to change parts. In addition, as a compact unit, they can be quickly and easily integrated into production lines, and are ready for operation in a blink. And last but not least, as reusable equipment, they provide the reliability of a sustainable, smart investment decision.
By the way: for clean rooms, we offer the flexfeeder as a medical version (flexfeeder X MED), which meets the corresponding requirements.

How do your parts perform on the flexfeeder? In the test center, we test it, perform feasibility studies and create the preset for your parts as a retrievable pre-adjustment for immediate start.


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