anyfeed feeder systems for robots

anyfeed flexible bulk parts feeders singulate and deliver bulk parts into the pick up zone of an industrial robot. Part flow and reorientation of parts in the feeder is controlled by feedWare CX - a Cognex In-Sight-based vision solution specifically developed and optimized by flexfactory for flexible part feeding applications. The universal bulk parts feeding solution is in operation with over 18 commercially available robot brands. ...more

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flexfactory ag, ...

... the Switzerland-based company is a leading supplier for flexible, programmable bulk parts feeders that can be used in combination with all commerically available robots. With our all-in-one feedbot system we have eliminated the complexity and shortened the time it takes to put flexible feeding to work. We test-drive your parts in our TestCenter, propose the most suitable feeding solution for your requirements, our application engineers assist you to setup your production system in record time and our customer support team makes sure you will come back for more.

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