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flexfactory test-center

for a well-founded decision.

In flexfactory's test center (flexfeeder GmbH in Reutlingen, Germany), our application engineers put your critical parts through their paces. This gives you the security you need to make a well-founded decision.

After all, you as a customer want to increase your production quality and reduce costs. This can be achieved through short cycle times, high precision and absolute reliability – flexfactory’s key qualities for over 20 years.

Your base for decision

  • Test report
  • Recommended equipment configuration
  • Commercial offer
  • Further procedure

Start your feasibility study now

How will your parts be handled on the feeder? What settings are required and what performance will be possible with your parts? These questions, and more, will be analyzed in a feasibility study. We would be pleased if you assigned us for this service. Please use our form for feasibility studies and send us at least this information about your parts:

  • Drawings or photos
  • Weight and mass
  • Required cycle time
  • Desired pick-up position

We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your detailed application requirements.

The Test Center – our test program

  • Mechanical feedability
  • Cycle time
  • Detectability
  • Model of feeder plate
  • Gripping technique
  • Pick & Place


Manage presets and retrieve them easily

With a preset, parts can be changed quickly. We are also happy to teach your parts in advance at our test center and save the setting directly on the feeder. This allows you to call up the preset directly and manage the changeover optimally.

Inquiry form

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